Why get a personal trainer?

There are several important reasons to hire a fitness training professional.

For people getting started, weights and machines can be confusing and intimidating.  Hiring a professional to get you started will increase the effectiveness or your workouts, and decrease the possibility of injury.

For people who have a basic understanding of weights and exercise, hiring a personal trainer is like taking an advanced class.  It's an opportunity to learn valuable training philosophies and techniques from a different perspective, and launch your training to a new level!

A good trainer will also provide the motivation and inspiration you need to keep you going, and keep you accountable to do the things you may not do on your own.

Feel pretty good about your exercise level, but unsure if you have the right dietary habits to support it?  Here at Next Level Fitness we will not only help you in the gym, but also with the rest of the steps involved in being healthy.

Whether you just want a few sessions to learn some new techniques to spice up your workout, or want someone long term to launch you into a true fitness lifestyle, we will help you get the ball rolling!

I tried a personal trainer at another facility, but wasn't happy with the results. How do I know it will be different at Next Level Fitness?

Here at Next Level Fitness, we hire only the best trainers in the business who have an established reputation.  Because the facility is so nice, we have no shortage of trainers desiring to work here, and are able to pick and choose the best people.  Not only is knowledge and experience important to us, but personality as well.  We have a great positive energy level because of that.

Between having the best trainers in the business and having the best equipment available, I personally guarantee you will love your experience here at Next Level Fitness

I would love a personal fitness trainer, but I'm not sure I can afford it. Are there any other options?

Actually, there are several.  We realize that hiring a fitness training professional several days a week does take a financial commitment, and because of that, isn't for everyone.

For clients who cannot afford a long-term commitment, we can always tailor a shorter program designed to teach you how to do it on your own.  We even have long-term clients who will train with us periodically and therefore progress at their own pace.

We also offer double training sessions, where you can train with a friend to help defer the cost of your training.  This style of training isn't for everyone, but sometimes can be a viable option.

Do you offer 30 minute sessions?

Some of our trainers do offer half-hour sessions.  Depending upon your body type and goals, this may be an option for you, and is a more cost efficient option.

I really would like to take an "extended lunch" and train in the middle of my work day, but don't have enough time to go home and clean up afterwards.

No problem!  Our convenience and amenities are some of our most popular features.  Our spa facility boasts of modern restrooms which are immaculately clean and comfortable.  You can come in, train hard, then take a shower and go back to work.  The only thing people will wonder is why you always come back from lunch fresh and energetic!



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