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01/12/2007 16:25

Next Level Fitness offers just what its name promises. For years in Nashville, people seeking personal trainers have had to make a choice ­invite a trainer into your home, facing space and equipment limitations, or meet your trainer at a private studio and deal with similar issues. Next Level Fitness owner Jack Haynes has found the solution to those challenges.

On February first, the doors of Next Level Fitness new venue opened, offering 12,000 square feet of space, filled with every type of equipment imaginable ­ from a jungle gym to a cable system, free weights, cross trainers, climbers and so much more. All that room for a facility that currently employs just five trainers ­ can you say exclusive?

But privacy isn¹t the only perk that Next Level can offer. It also gives clients something invaluable ­ a real education in fitness. "I want to bring people in tune with their bodies," Jack says. Many trainers run their clients through routines without ever explaining to them why they¹re moving their bodies in certain ways. Not so the instructors at Next Level. "I give people the why," Jack continues. "My goal is to teach people how to work out on their own, how to lead a healthy lifestyle."

To facilitate that goal, Jack and his trainers also offer nutritional counseling. But don¹t fear draconian diet measures ­ Next Level trainers are also realists. Jack explains, "I take into account people¹s current lifestyles, how much they travel, what they already like to eat, and I work from there. I¹m not going to tell them to keep on eating fries, but I won't take away all their favorites."

The most important thing Next Level Fitness offers clients is a sense of satisfaction. "I want people to do what they enjoy," Jack says. Personal attention, sweating it out in nearly private facilities, fair and manageable diets and a can-do philosophy ­ what's not to enjoy?




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