Allen Parker

Allen Parker

My desire to make fitness a career was inspired at an early age. An active lifestyle is something that was impressed upon me by my parents and I was very active outdoors while growing up. I was always a fairly small and skinny guy, but enjoyed playing a variety of sports from track and field, to baseball, basketball, and yes, even football. Obviously I encountered a few disadvantages in a couple of my sports due to lack of size and strength, so it was up to me to figure out how to change that. I began to read, study, and learn about the body and physical fitness as I entered college. Eventually I began to transform my physique through proper eating, adequate rest, and of course, consistent time spent in the gym. Several years after graduating from school, I earned my training certification, then, entered and won my first bodybuilding competition. From that point forward, I dedicated myself to helping others achieve their fitness goals, not just by giving advice "on the side" but by making it my chosen profession.

Although I am a bodybuilder by default, do not be fooled that I am here to turn every new client into one! That is the last thing that I want to do. I am a very easy going, friendly, and confident person who is very comfortable working with people of every fitness level. Males and females both are welcome, and encouraged to see that my style of training is definitely unique! I am as challenging for a beginner as I am for a hard core gym rat, but I also understand how people work, and will never be in your face. I know that we all have a starting point, and that we all have goals. My purpose is to help you define your goals more clearly, put a plan in action that will help you realize those goals, and ultimately surpass them. Accountability is a key component when embarking on any new personal training partnership. I am here to be your partner, your guide, your mentor, and your inspiration. Give me a call or send me an e-mail and let's make it happen today!






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