Anthony Perkins

Anthony Perkins

Hello! My name is Anthony Perkins. I have been involved with physical fitness training since 1990. When I was in the United States Army, I was a member of the 82nd Airborne Combat Aviation Brigade (1-17th Attack Reconnaissance Squadron) Ft.Bragg N.C. Through selective service I was chosen to be a member of T.F. (Task Force) 160th Night Stalkers Don't Quit (currently known as) S.O.A.R. (Special Operations Aviation Regiment) Ft.Campbell, KY. As the Headquarters Platoon P.T. (Physical Training) instructor, my duty was to insure the platoon was ready to ensure our nation’s security.

I realized that I had the unique ability to motivate others, and encourage them to overcome challenging obstacles. Upon the completion of my military term, I decided to stay committed to physical fitness, and soon after, I obtained my certification as a personal trainer.

Many people have tried to run fit camps“military style,” but I don’t believe that is always effective. There are many differences between military boot camp and fit camps. I believe that individuals can be motivated to succeed without the drill sergeant mentality - by making it fun.

I also work with a variety of clients conducting one on one sessions. All of my clients have specific goals in mind. Corrective Exercise, reducing lower back painweight managementstrength and conditioning are some of the areas I specialize in. Currently I'm part of a professional team of trainers at Next Level Fitness.

I have recently joined the Special Olympics (Tennessee Chapter), as a Power lifting Coach. I'm looking forward to working with them!!!! I also work with TPI, (Titlelist Performance Institute) to improve their amateur golfers with conditioning and mobility.

My goal is to insure that my clients receive proper instruction before beginning any exercise program and understand the importance of corrective exercise and proper nutrition. Last (but not least), I believe that the entire journey should be fun.

"Technology has allowed society to add years to our lives. With proper exercise and conditioning we can add life to our years."

Gary Lavin IHP (Institute for Human Performance).


N.F.P.T Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Scientific Back Training C.H.E.K. Institute

CGFI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor Titlelist Certified




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