Yuri Panzhin

Yuri Panzhin

My personal training career started in 2009 at the University of Florida. I acquired a training certification from the American Council on Exercise, which allowed me to work with variety of clients and experience this industry first hand. Based on this experience, I am a firm believer in consistency of training. There are no quick fixes, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Training takes time and patience but you will succeed if you are willing to stick with it and train smart. My philosophy is based on current scientific research and common sense. Working out is only one piece of the puzzle. I am a huge proponent of a holistic approach to health and believe in that there are multiple facets of health such as diet, recovery, physical activity, and mind set.

Playing different sports such as soccer, water polo, and basketball made me more versatile trainer. I believe that movement in itself is the biggest asset we have. It comes in many forms and variations. A single fitness goal can be accomplished differently and an all to one approach is no longer relevant. Every person is unique physiologically, mentally, and spiritually and therefore every person requires an individual regimen. I absolutely love working with people and seeing their transformations. Making a positive impact in someone’s life through exercising is priceless.



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